The Ulverstone Surf Lifesaving Club (USLSC) was affiliated with the Australian body in 1930. The first members would go to the beach on the weekend and put up a tent to use as a club house. In 1935 a two story concrete building was built. There were public changerooms and toilets downstairs and cold showers upstairs. The new rooms were opened by the Prime Minister of the day, the Right Honourable Joe Lyons. There were not many members to begin with, most were workmates and they really had to work hard to keep the club going.

Patrols were hard because the only equipment that was available was the reel, line and ball and at least four members were needed to operate it. This was used in any major rescues. If there was a rescue away from the clubhouse the gear would be transported in a Ute to where it was needed. A lot of rescues were performed without any equipment at all and some of the techniques that were used probably did more harm than good.

Competitions were run between four clubs, Burnie, Penguin, Ulverstone and Devonport and the events were limited to R&R (rescue and resuscitation), belt races, surfraces, relays, beach sprint and beach flags. A band used to come and play for the march past event. After the war, boards and boats became part of surf life saving and more events were introduced.

In over ninety years of service as a surf life saving club, Ulverstone SLSC has come a long way. It has grown from being a humble tent club to a modern, state-of-the art complex with excellent facilities. The club has gained recognition for it's lifesaving efforts, whether through its volunteer summer beach patrol service or through provision of water safety at world class events such as the Kings Cup and Australian Rowing Titles at Lake Barrington. The development of the club since the war brought new rescue techniques, more equipment and variety in competition and an overall improved level of service for the community