What do I need to do for my proficiency?


  • Bronze Theory Module online
  • Radio Theory Module
  • Run Swim Run (200-200-200 in 8 min)
  • Resus Practical
  • Radio Practical
  • Rescue Practical


  • SRC Theory Module online
  • Run Swim Run (100-100-100)
  • Resus Practical
  • Rescue Practical


  • ARTC Theory Module
  • Resus Practical (if not already done in Bronze)
  • OP airways Practical
  • Oxygen Practical


  • IRBC Theory Module
  • Bronze Proficiency
  • IRBC Practical


  • IRBD Theory Module
  • IRBC Proficiency
  • Bronze Proficiency
  • IRBD Practical

How do I do my Theory Modules?

2023/24 season proficiency dates

Check out the latest news on the club Facebook Page information on when and where we are completing proficiencies this season.