The Ulverstone Surf Club Electronic Access system was installed in November 2015 to improve the safety & security of our club.  An entry code to access the club is available to members who hold at least one of the following qualifications:

  • Patrol Captains
  • IRB Drivers
  • Patrolling members holding Bronze Medallion 
  • Administrative staff & other office bearers
  • Members of the Board of Management

If you would like to apply for an entry code, please complete the application form below.

 The Board of Management will consider applications on a case by case basis for people who require access to our club, but do not qualify through one of these roles,   

Please Note: The security of our club is important to all who use it.  Please read and understand the conditions and responsibilities that are listed on the application document. In accepting an entry code, you are agreeing to assist us in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all members to enjoy by respecting and adopting these responsibilities